Thursday, April 22, 2010



In Jamaica, some Jamaican women are being infected with HIV/AIDS by their husbands or boyfriends who are undercover/down-low (DL) homosexuals or bisexuals.

As a result of the sexual activities of DL Jamaican Homosexual & Bisexual Men who actively partake in anal sex with multiple male partners and partake in vaginal sex with their wives, girlfriends and/or multiple female partners, the 32% HIV/AIDS rate among the gay population of Jamaica is spreading into the general population of Jamaica, inclusive of women, children and heterosexual men with a 1.6% HIV/AIDS prevalence.  If DL Jamaican Homo & Bi Men don't change their sexual practices then the already high 1.6% HIV/AIDS rate in the Jamaican general population will predictively increase to an unknown higher rate.  Also, if Jamaican women don't change their sexual practices then their rate of infections will predictively increase to an unknown higher rate.

NOW, it is time for Jamaican women to face the reality that some Jamaican men are using them to cover their homosexuality or bisexuality and are also infecting them with HIV/AIDS.  Jamaican women must be proactive in their HIV/AIDS prevention by (1.) practicing safe sex which requires them requesting that their men wear condoms, (2.) refraining from oral sex because the virus is transmitted orally if there is a cut in a mouth, (3.) getting regular HIV/AIDS tests (every 6 months) at government clinics or private doctors' offices, (4.) requesting their men to get regular HIV/AIDS tests and (5.)requesting to see the most current HIV/AIDS test results for all their sexual partners.  Jamaican women can't afford to be shy about this issue or afraid to offend their men because shyness and fear of offending could lead to Jamaican women's deaths. Finally, Jamaican women must understand that the issue of HIV/AIDS is literally a matter of life & death.

Post Script:
I have posted information about this public health crisis not to embarrass Jamaicans but out of concern and love for my countrymen who I view as my brothers and sisters.  So, if Jamaican women become aware and their lives are saved then I will have achieved the major objective of my public service address.  May the Most High continue to bless Jamaicans with healthy lives!

Peace, Ave

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